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Not too glamorous, not too cold, Vung Tau is fascinating destination on holidays, to return to the sea, with waves flapping after the hectic day. Vung Tau (BA RIA-Vung Tau) is a familiar destination for tourists in the South. Which is the dynamic sea, feeling comfortable when splash on the weekend, the service at a reasonable price, located in Ho Chi Minh City not too far (125 km), Vung Tau tourist attractions.

1. The media

Motorcycles: you can take the 2 directions, each direction will have advantages and disadvantages.
From Saigon, you can take the National Highway 1A, cross the bridge of Dong Nai, Vung Tau, the fork to turn under the highway 51. This way to far, but come the night relatively safe.
In addition, you can take the ferry to Cat Lai Plant (Dong Nai), turn under the highway 51 and go straight for Vung Tau. This route saves about 20 km, but come the night does not guarantee safety.
Bus: the medium is the medium of choice, or safe, saving costs.
From the big market, you take bus number 150 to fork Vung Tau, and route 11 to the end of the dock, and more online number 6 is to be with the city of Vung Tau, the price range of 20,000-25,000 dong.
From the East, prices from 70,000-90,000 per ticket.
Hydrofoils: You buy train tickets at the dock. In Vung Tau, tickets are sold at the hotel stone bridge and Pier. The ticket price of about 220,000 to 300,000. Travel time is about 2 hours.
2. amusement places

Feeling up the forest into the sea when you are coming to Vung Tau, in sight of the sea on the beautiful dawn after a night of little rain the rain falls on top of the Cup season, climbing to take in themselves provide the city of Vung Tau.

Dawn is the most beautiful of the sea. Wake up early to enjoy the air where the fishing village. Front Beach Vung Tau was considered the most beautiful beach of the most beautiful here, attracting tourists. You will be playing power games under the sea: surfing and surf with cano to see Palace of Vung Tau Road, swim under the water cool ... and also where the fun last week of the couple.

Jewelry deals for juggling with the sea, and don't forget the experience with friends following sea barbeques splash. With the float camp rental, rental services, rent the Cookware, freshwater baths ... you have to ask the price carefully first, avoid "slash".

God's many attractions Kito who choose, with 811 ladder and began climbing the ladder 133 twisted inside the statue. After a strenuous journey, before you show up the whole scene of grandeur, charming curves of the coastal Vung Tau.

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